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Gacked from Neil

Hey, guys. What's up this semester? I'm officially a faculty sponsor this semester, so I thought I'd do my duty and pass on scholarly info. This isn't exactly creative writing, but some of you might find this interesting:

Special panel at the 2007 College English Association Conference
March 29-31, 2007
New Orleans, LA
...This panel seeks 10-15 minute papers that explore unexamined questions about Gaiman’s novels. Although this panel will be open to any subject regarding Gaiman’s novels, special areas of interest include:

# Theory of the fantastic
# Use of traditional formats in a postmodern world (e.g., American Gods as road novel, Stardust as pre-Tolkien fairy tale)
# Deities and faerie creatures as metaphors
# The interaction between reader and text/the real and the unreal
# Gaiman’s portrayal of America (broadly defined)/Gaiman’s portrayal of England
# Literary theories applied to Gaiman’s novels (e.g., psychological, feminist, reader-response, etc.)

Abstracts should be 200-500 words, and should be submitted by November 1 at the following website:

For more information, please visit the following website:
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