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La Literati

'In it for the money'

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Welcome to La Literati's LJ space. Here you'll find mostly random mussing, pointless diatribes and, more often than not, a means by which The Brians, Sherm, David and Darrin humiliate and annoy Tee.

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La Literati began as a small writer's group formed by the students of Bev Marshall's creative writing class at Southeastern Louisiana University. Other writer's groups were in existence at the university but, apparently, they just weren't as cool as us...they had no members. So, the faculty of the English department decided they'd throw a bit of cash our way if we agreed to become 'La Literati.' And...bam...here we are.

We accept anyone as members and are happy to edit any facet of writing: poetry, screen plays, short stories, chapters from novels, etc.

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